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Retro-fit Door Installation, Temecula CA.

Updated: May 2, 2023

Retro-fit Door Installation, Temecula CA.

As a company that is licensed, bonded and insured, Horizon Home Heroes has a reputation to uphold. Since our reputation is built on customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising, we know that we have to deliver a high quality of service.

Horizon Home Hero's sliding door installation services are no different. We pride ourselves on delivering the best job possible at a competitive price.

Our first step in any door installation is to make sure that the new door will fit properly in the opening and make sure that it is square and plumb before securing it into place. By making sure that the frame is straight, we can ensure that it will look good and be secure for many years to come without having to worry about paint chipping or cracking due to uneven surfaces.

Our professional installers will complete your door installation quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive price so that you get back to enjoying your home renovation project as quickly as possible!

This project was completed by Horizon Home Heroes.

Call us today at (951) 600-0020 or visit us online at to learn more about our services and see why we are the best choice for your new window & door installation!

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