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Slash Energy Bills With Expert-Crafted Efficient Windows

75+ Years Of Combined Experience

 Lifetime Warranties

Cut Costs Now: Transform Windows into Energy-Saving Assets

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Energy-Efficient Window Installation & Replacement

Energy-efficient windows are the best way to save money on your utility bills. We offer window installation and replacement services for all types of homes.

75+ Years Of Combined Experience

 Lifetime Warranties

Financing Available


We know you want your home to be comfortable and energy efficient, and choosing the right windows is a big part of that. Windows account for around 30% of your heating and cooling costs, so choosing the most efficient windows you can afford is crucial.

Our choice for the best energy-efficient windows available on the market is Cardinal Glass LoĒ³-340 double pane windows. They're made with a metal oxide coating that reflects heat from the sun and only allows a small portion of UV rays into your home. LoĒ³-340 glass ensures that your living space is comfortable and helps reduce your energy bills.


There are an array of benefits that LoĒ³-340 double pane windows bring to the table:

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Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Embrace The Ingenuity Of LoĒ³-340 Glass, Meticulously Designed To Reflect Sun During The Summer Months And Insulate Your Home In The Frigid Winter. The Outcome? Remarkable Savings On Your Energy Bills.

Unrivaled UV Protection: With LoĒ³-340 Glass As Your Guardian, Bid Farewell To Concerns About Harmful UV Rays Fading Fabric, Wearing Carpets, And Damaging Your Possessions. It Effectively Blocks Approximately 98% Of These Damaging Rays, Ensuring Your Valuables Remain Vibrant And Unscathed.

A Shield Of Safety: In An Unpredictable World, LoĒ³-340 Glass Has Your Back. Its Shatter-Resistant Properties Not Only Thwarts Potential Break-Ins But Also Mitigates The Risk Of Accidents, Ensuring The Well-Being And Security Of Your Family.

Why Choose Us For Window Installation?

At Horizon Home Heroes, we take great pride in serving Southern California with our top-notch, energy-efficient window installtion. Our unwavering commitment to customer convenience and flexibility sets us apart, and we strive to ensure that everyone can have their dream home through our attractive financing options.

With an impressive track record spanning 30+ years in the industry, we have earned a reputation for providing unparalleled installations of new doors and windows.

75+ Years of Combined Experience

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We have utilized this business for both personal and business purposes! They did an outstanding job for our referral partners and customers! Happy to continue to to refer this fine business!

Kevin Gray

Owner, Five Star Restoration


Make Your Home Safe & Energy Efficient With Precision

Horizon Home Heroes has been serving Temecula Valley since 2007. Our professionals guarantee their work for five years, no questions asked.


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