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Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

Updated: Jan 13

When to Repair Your Window

When your windows are foggy, leaky, cold, cracked or broken, or otherwise not doing their intended job, you might be wondering if you should repair or replace your windows. The answer depends on a few factors.


  • Cracked or broken glass (replace sash)

  • Broken muntins/mullions on single-pane windows

  • Slow-moving or stuck window sashes

  • Missing or damaged exterior drip cap

  • Poor exterior window casing

  • Minor water leaks


  • Foggy windows with inside condensation

  • Poor interior faux muntins/mullions

  • Structural problems

  • Major water leakage

The most important question is whether the window is functional. Is it keeping the elements out or letting them in? If it's keeping the elements out and is still in decent shape after years of use, then it's probably worth repairing. But if the window is foggy and drafty, there's no reason to spend money on a repair when a replacement can solve all your problems at once.

If your old windows are letting in drafts and moisture, they're probably not worth repairing. A new set of double-pane vinyl windows with high-quality seals should solve those problems.